Marvel Characters That Can’t Sell Comics Are Coming To MCU

Marvel Characters That Can’t Sell Comics Are Coming To MCU

Hey everybody, what’s going on? Hope everybody’s doing well out there. Are you ready for some pandering? You guys want to take a look at some pandering with me? Check this out.

Robert Downey Jr. wants Ironheart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Why? I mean what’s the plan here? Is there a story that you want to tell with Ironheart? Does it fit in the longer cohesive overall story that you need to tell in order to put together another Marvel Cinematic Universe or do you just want to do this because my diversity, inclusivity? I mean I think you guys could probably guess my gut reaction with this. This just seems like  more pandering to the SJW crowd, but let’s dive into this article. Let’s see if there’s anything in here that gives us a little bit of context about what’s going on.

We’re over at by the way. Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. has publicly expressed his support for bringing Ironheart to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ironheart writer Eve Ewing revealed Downey Jr. said he wanted the teenage hero in the MCU at the Gene Siskel Film Center Gala in Chicago. Ewing was introducing the actor at the event, so this pre-planning is his pre-loading. Why is this lady introducing Robert Downey Jr. at the Gene Siskel Film Center. What does she have to do with films now? She might have something to do with films. I don’t know. I don’t care enough about her to go bother looking this up. I’ve just got this weird feeling under my tinfoil hat that this was all planned with this woman introducing him to the podium. He has to mention something about her, he has to thank her, and then, by the way, hey, that’s the writer for Ironheart. I played Iron Man. Put two and two together. He’s gonna stand there and he’s of course going to promote Ironheart because that bare minimum. It’s kind of the polite thing to do and of course she runs back down off the stage, jumps on Twitter, starts telling everybody the real story here is that Robert Downey

Jr. said publicly in a room full of people that Ironheart should be in the MCU. I went straight back to the press area afterward and was like “Y’all heard it! Write that down!” And of course this is like throwing chum in the SJW ocean. All the left-wing shill media websites run out there and say “See now, we have to have Ironheart in the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. said so.”  And look, I would be totally fine with Ironheart being in the MCU. I’d be totally fine with Ironheart having her own movie if that character was popular enough to push comic books and, of course, nobody’s shocked out there she can’t sell any comic books. If you run over to Comic-Con and punch in Ironheart, you’ll see that they’re barely selling eleven thousand copies of this book and here we are again at a situation where if you can’t sell comic books, why is that character being jammed into these movies? It blows me away that this logic is lost on people. We don’t have Batman movies, Hulk movies, Spider-Man movies, Captain America movies, we don’t have all of these movies because of thepatriarchy, we have all of these movies because these characters have been around for decades, generations. Some of these guys sell lots and lots of comic books. It makes sense that you make movies around these characters. When you have these characters who could barely sell 11,000 comic books, it doesn’t make any sense to jam them into multi-billion dollar movie franchises, but that’s where we’re at. And again this is why we have this continuing argument about pandering.

While on ComicCron, I was taking a look at some comic book sales from some other characters that wouldn’t fit the diversities or the inclusion cult member mumblings, but yet it would make way more sense to put these people in the MCU considering they’re selling up to three times as many comic books as Ironheart. You’ve got characters like Daredevil or Thanos or Ghost Roder or Punisher. All of these people are selling way more comic books than Ironheart. The only problem with them is that they’re men. Some of them are white and some of them are purple, but the overall problem is that they’re men.

Any logical person out there watching this, it screams craziness if you’re interested in making money. You take the more popular characters and put them your movies which is why it doesn’t look like Disney’s interested in making money. They seem more interested in social engineering. You see their criteria for who they want to jam into the MCU going forward seems to be based upon that social justice warrior oppression hierarchy,  so keep your ears and your eyes open, boys, because I think the next character to get one of these pandering invitations into the MCU is going to be that Miss Marvel.

So there you have it, guys. Thanks so much for checking out the video and supporting the channel. Make sure you come back real soon where we’ll have some more content for you covering this ongoing culture war.

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