JJ Abrams Loves Diversity Except When His Kid Wants To Write Spider Man Comics

JJ Abrams Loves Diversity Except When His Kid Wants To Write Spider Man Comics

Hey everybody! What’s going on? We got any Spider-man fans out there? Anybody out there a gigantic fan of the amazing Spider-man? If so, I’ve got great news for you! A new Spider-man series is coming and I can already hear what you guys are thinking out there. Who is it? Who’s this person coming and writing this series? Is it somebody with a well-established history with Spider-man? Is it somebody with a wealth of experience coming forward, bringing it to the table, and putting pen to paper to give us an excellent Spider-man series? Or maybe it’s somebody from the outside? Maybe somebody on the outside wrote up a fantastic treatment and Marvel just had to have it so they’re bringing them in for a limited series run? Well, if you’re stupid enough to think that they would be doing something that sensible, hold on to your balls, because, no, you’re not getting any of that. You’re gonna get JJ Abrams’ kid. That’s right. JJ Abrams’ kid, riding the wave of DNA, he’s going to be writing a Spider-man series.

We’re over here at Bounding Into Comics. Take a look at this. Marvel announces a new Spider-man series from JJ Abrams. We’ll introduce new villains and, of course, the media is out there trying to spin this like JJ Abrams is writing this and his son’s just helping out but nobody’s gonna buy that for a second. JJ Abrams should be knee-deep busy on that last Star Wars movie.That man’s got the monumental task of trying to make sure that this last trilogy here doesn’t put a nail in the coffin of the Star Wars franchise. He doesn’t have time to screw around with a Spider-man comic. Now everybody knows what’s going on here. This is a luck of the draw, man. This is the DNA lottery. JJ Abrams’ kid has been handed a Spider-man series mostly because, I think at this point, Marvel doesn’t have any respect for its intellectual property and then partially because I wouldn’t be shocked if JJ Abrams said, “Listen man, I’m not directing that last Star Wars movie unless you give my kid a job at Marvel writing a Spider-man comic,” and so they know they’re going to get some blowback.

Take a look at some of this BS that they’re trying to put out there in the entertainment sphere. Not only did they announce the comic via video, but they also discussed it with the New York Times. In the interview with the New York Times, Henry revealed that Marvel editor Nick Lowe reached out to him 10 years ago when he was 10 years old to work with Marvel. Hell no, nobody’s buying this. Marvel doesn’t run around looking for 10 year olds who want to write Spider-man comics and offer them jobs. Hell no! This is stupid and you know some handler over at Disney said, “Know what? We should say Stan Lee wanted to hire your son at 10 years old”. Everybody looked at that person, “You’re pushing too hard. Don’t say Stan Lee. Let’s pick somebody else. Let’s get a mid-level manager. Let’s say Marvel editor Nick Lowe reached out to a 10 year old Henry Abrams” and then all these idiots looked at each other and clapped like otters thinking that was a good idea, like that’s going to get over on the audience. Hell no! We see right through this. So the media is out there trying to give this boy some cover saying Marvel headhunted him at 10 years old.

And then they’re doing some other stuff out there where they’ve got Sarah Pacelli doing the artwork. Now apparently Sarah Pacelli is best known for drawing the Miles Morales Spider-man and, I don’t want to sound like a hater, but boy this art sucks. So I went to go look up some of Sarah Pacelli’s artwork and it’s just not very good. It looks like something that your average high school student is capable of doing. This isn’t the type of quality that should be demanded at the level for Marvel Comics. But of course she’s a woman, so I think they take a little bit of hit in the quality so they could run around saying, “Well, we’ve got that inclusivity and we’ve got that diversity,” but if you’re gonna sit here and tell me that this is top-tier quality art, you’re fooling yourself. I don’t at all consider myself an artist, but this is just barely above what I was doing when I was drawing Spider-man in middle school, but you’ve got to put a woman on this Abrams’ comic book. He’s going to need all the cover he can get because his dad is a known purveyor of leftist ideology. Hey JJ Abrams, you’re so concerned about diversity and inclusion when it comes to pushing your rhetoric. This is a man who over the last couple of years has been telling everybody we need more women writers in this field, we need more black people writing in this field, we need more people who aren’t straight white males writing in this field, and yet here he is sticking his kid into this position to write a Spider-man comic. If you have a meter for registering hypocrisy, I suggest you turn it off or else it might explode.

Take a look at this last paragraph. It’ll blow your mind. These people are absolute nut cases here. Henry would conclude the interview recognizing that “he has undeniable privilege, but he has ideas for future comics. Obviously there is an undeniable privilege here and I’m not ignorant of that”. Stop! Full stop right there. If you’re going to push identity politics and then you register that you have privilege, how are you gonna sit there and say, “Well, hold on a second. I’ll take care of this privilege after I exploit this opportunity. Oh yeah, you know the white privilege is such a bad thing but, hold on, let me utilize my white privilege real fast. Let me get my Spider-man series on my resume and then I’ll go take care of my white privilege”.

You lefties out there, you people pushing identity politics should be irate by this. When can I expect that social media hate mob on Twitter to boycott JJ Abrams in the next Star Wars movie? I mean do any of you people align your actions to your rhetoric? If you have a problem with straight white males flexing their privilege that you guys have to boycott JJ Abrams next movie, you have to draw some power away from him because he’s just handing that white privilege off to his kid, so let’s see what happens out there. Let’s see if any of the lefties call out one of their own on this rampant hypocrisy, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

But anyway guys, thanks so much for checking out the video, supporting the channel. Make sure you come back real soon and I’ll have some more content for you on this ongoing culture war. Alright everybody, take care. Bye.

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