I thought Captain Marvel Did All Her Own Stunts?

I thought Captain Marvel Did All Her Own Stunts?

Hey everybody what’s going on? Well she just won’t go away. Go away, Brie Larson! Why does she keep popping up? I mean she’s not doing anything. They’re not working on the new Captain Marvel, and why aren’t they by the way?

I’ve heard absolutely nothing about Captain Marvel, which is absolutely shocking considering I would imagine they would want to continue the multi-trillion dollar franchise that is the Captain Marvel series, but color me shocked, man, I haven’t heard anything about a new movie other than placeholders by Disney for future MCU projects. Funny how that works because right after Wonder Woman they’re like “Holy crap, this was a really hot IP. We better get the second one up and running”. And of course you saw the same thing with Shazam? They didn’t even wait till the movie opened right after the sneak preview. They were like “Holy balls, the reception! This is hot! We better get working on a sequel to this!” But Captain Marvel – hell no ain’t nobody talking about Captain Marvel. And that just seems a little bit odd if you’re buying the line that that movie made a billion plus dollars and it’s the most empowering wayman’s movie of all time and we need so much more of it.

But anyway, let’s go over to CBR.com. Captain Marvel wins MTV Award. Larson shares spotlight with stunt doubles. “Oh she’s so great! Look at her! See guys, we were totally wrong. We got this Brie Larson chick all wrong. She’s not completely consumed with her own identity. She’s up there sharing the stage boy that sounds like something the real Captain Marvel would do.” Well, please tell me more CBR.com. I needs to know more about how great Brie Larson is. Marvel Studios Captain Marvel was the first– Oh god, here we go again–the first female leads superhero blockbuster based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You see what they’re doing? They’re continuing this notion that Captain Marvel’s the first female led Marvel movie and of course I mean they have to. That’s how that movie was pushed, right? Oh finally finally we got a Captain Marvel movie. Finally after decades and decades of destroyed laurels, running these movies we finally get an empowered female lead. Now granted they put a qualifier in there, right? They say “first female-led superhero based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe” and  technically the Marvel Cinematic Universe starts in something like 2008 with Ironman but make no mistake what they’re trying to do here is implying that this is the first female-led Marvel movie, conveniently forgetting about Elektra because of course that doesn’t fit their narrative. It doesn’t fit the identity politics narrative that they’re trying to shove down everybody’s throat.

But anyway let’s see if we can get past this first sentence here. The film focused on the powerful Carol Danvers, who broke free from everything she thought she knew and everyone she thought she could trust in order to fight what was right–the patriarchy! While marketing the film Brie Larson tried her best to embody the heroic qualities of the superhero when is she portrayed by giving a voice to those who often go overlooked and it made headlines, not always for the right reasons. Still Larson continues to act for the benefit of others every single time. Every mainstream media shill article out there protects this woman. Not a single one of these articles from what you would consider the mainstream authoritative voices out there for using Google speech will ever condemn her for coming out and saying “All those white dudes out there–I don’t care about their opinions when it comes to a movie about POCs”. And I’m not even saying that anybody from the mainstream media outlets have to disagree with her. I’m just saying you can’t see how that’s going to piss off a bunch of white men. But of course, if you’re a white man and you got upset that you got lumped into a category because of the skin color that you have, you’re the racist. You’re the one that’s wrong. You’re the bigot, not that BrieLarson. Now she’s allowed to lump people by their color and judge them. Not you guys, man. You got way too much of that lay privilege.

But anyway we got to wrap this up. It’s getting a little bit long. The rest of the article talks about how she goes up there to accept the MTV Award for best fight and, because she lets sharing the stage, because she loves giving a voice to those people who don’t have voices, she brought up her stunt doubles.. And that’s funny right here’s a picture of all three of them right standing up. They’re accepting the award and telling everybody “Yeah yeah, the girl power”, but you know what guys? When I put on my identity politics glasses, all I see are three white blond privileged bitches. What happened to all that diversity? And because it shouldn’t matter, right? If you guys care so much about inclusivity and diversity, it shouldn’t matter if she’s got an Asian stunt double or a black stunt double. It shouldn’t even matter if the stunt double’s a woman because we care so much about the inclusivity and diversity. I mean, you keep telling me how much she loves given a voice and here she is sharing the stage with her unseen stunt doubles. Well, maybe she should share the silver screen with some stunt double. Am I insane? I mean I’m just looking for a little bit of consistency here,  but, you see, they’re not interested in consistency in rhetoric or logic. No, when it comes to Brie Larson, the only consistency that they’re interested in is building her up, protecting her image because check out this last part right here. This will blow your mind! “Despite the extensive work they do, stunt workers are often unknown among moviegoers as Bennett says in her speech “Stunt workers are rarely acknowledged which makes Brie Larson’s decision to give them the spotlight on such a widely watched stage a notable and decent ac”. How do you write an article about Brie Larson and stunt doubles and not mention her infamous “No, I’m not gonna be the next Tom Cruise. I’m gonna be the next me, thank you very much”? I mean, how do you not bring that up? She’s on record saying she does her own stunts and now here she is at an award show bringing out her stunt doubles. You don’t want to mention that other video CBR? At bare minimum, you should want to clear up any confusion because that infamous video will be seen way more times than this article, so in more people’s heads it’s sticking that she’s running around telling everybody she does her own stunts. I mean, maybe clarify for people say hey there was a clip where she said she did her own stunts but she was talking about Avengers: Endgame. In Captain Marvel, she really did do all of her own stunts, but I’m guessing if you looked into any of this, she never did all of her own stunts and she’s a big fat brick-faced liar. So instead of trying to sort any of that out, they just need to continue protecting her image and, in order to do that, you just need to forget that she even said she did her own stunts. Don’t even bring it up and that way this shill

media can keep protecting BrieLarson and putting this image out there that she’s just the greatest white saviour of all times.

Hey guys thanks so much for watching this video and supporting the channel. Make sure you check back real soon. I’ll have some more content going over this ongoing culture war. Take care everybody. Bye.


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