Boyega Agrees With Fandom Menace After Years Of Attacking Fans?

Boyega Agrees With Fandom Menace After Years Of Attacking Fans?

Hey everybody what’s going on! Well we’ve got some really interesting Star Wars news out there and I’m wondering when John Boyega is going to get some of that leftist shill media treatment because, last time I checked, anybody who criticized Finn’s character as worthless or not making any sense or not needing to be in the series at all was deemed the racist.

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now because it’s all over the place. John Boyega is running around not seemingly incredibly high on his own character. Take a look at this. Over at Bounding Into Comics, John Boyega promises to share true feelings on Disney’s Star Wars following the rise of Skywalker and boy what a difference a year makes.

Remember last year when a bunch of fans were revealing their true feelings about his character and he came out and said, “If you don’t like Star Wars or the characters, understand that there are decision makers [Oh god, these people! If you’d slowed down with these tweets guys and read what you’re writing!]. Understand that there are decision makers and harassing the actor/actresses will do nothing. You’re not entitled to politeness when your approach is rude, even if you pay for a ticket.”  And keep in mind he got a lot of left-cover for this; he’s essentially attacking the Star Wars fan base where 99% of us didn’t really care for the Finn and Rose Tico side story. We were complaining that these characters are seemingly tacked on to the story for diversity’s sake and these characters aren’t well developed and they don’t really add anything to the overall story. But of course that got lumped into people yelling racist stuff at Kelly Marie Tramp. Everything that was an outright praise for this movie was deemed to be the opinion of a manbaby Russian troll and we should just keep our mouths shut, but now here he is telling everybody he’s gonna reveal his true feelings after the movie comes out.

So here he is on Twitter. There’s a bunch of people discussing how actors are coming out complaining about essentially season eight of Game of Thrones and talking about how they didn’t like how their characters ended and here’s fat iron man saying I hope some of the Star Wars people come out and do this and John Boyega actually responds to him and says, “Don’t worry, I most definitely will”. And so in this thread another person chimes in and he says John Boyega is the most useless character in the current Star Wars franchise but you don’t hear him say anything at how bad the writing is to which John Boyega responds, “I have those discussions on set”. Grand Maester Biddy responds, “Keep having those discussions. Be the hero that you were meant to be from the first movie and go get the girl, not what they did to you in the second one” to which John Boyega responds, “Heroes aren’t born overnight. It’s a role, not a breakdown on whoI am in life. You can’t make this up! We were complaining about your character last year and we were racist. Now that this trilogy is coming to an end, he’s admitting to people he’s having discussions on set about how bad the writing is for his character. I mean, how do you guys square this? The left media needs to come out and attack John Boyega because apparently john Boyega’s got a problem with the diversities in the Star Wars movie, right? I mean these are the rules that we’re playing by. If you don’t like Finn’s character it’s because you’re a racist. Well here’s the dude that plays Finn and he’s telling everybody the Fandom Menace was right. “All those dudes last year who were criticizing this movie, they were right and by the way I’m having those same discussions on the set” and this is yet another perfect example of why identity politics is being jammed into our entertainment. It allows Disney to spend four billion dollars on a Star Wars franchise and pump out absolutely poorly written, poorly planned out garbage but, as long as they pander to identity cult members, any legitimate criticism can just be swept under the rug because that’s just the voices of the man babies crying about their toys. Meanwhile, John Boyega was a member of the Phantom Menace but he was too afraid to say anything last year because he needs that paycheck and so he’d rather throw fans under the bus than stand up for himself and stand up for his character. This dude’s got absolutely no balls. So thanks dude! He helped contribute to a horrible Star Wars trilogy and drive a gigantic wedge through the Star Wars fan base but you got a paycheck at least, right?

Alright guys, thanks so much for watching the video and supporting the channel. Make sure you check back later we’ll all have another report on this ongoing culture war. Alright guys, take care. Bye.

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