YouTube Hates Us

YouTube Hates Us

Hello Salty Army,
YouTube banned us for a week and then they unbanned us, so we decided to take a week off of YouTube to build up our back up platforms. We want to have our lifeboat ready for if/when YouTube kicks us off.

This is where we’ll be:
Videos: Odysee

  • We’ll be doing one Odysee-exclusive video per day until Friday, 10/9/20. We will start posting to YouTube and Odysee on Saturday, 10/10/20.

Livestreams: Dlive

  • We are going to keep our normal livestream schedule, but it will all be on Dlive. Join us on Sunday and Wednesday at 5:30pm Pacific time and Monday at 1:30pm Pacific time. We will be back on YouTube on Friday, 10/9/20.
  • Notifications are sent out by Dlive, but we will also post notifications on Twitter and on YouTube.
  • Mrs. Salty is going to try her best to put Dlive on our website while we are livestreaming, so if Dlive is not cooperating with your device, try our website. You can also find us on Roku.

If you choose to support us, here are some options for you. Only spare change though!

Thank you so much! Our whole family appreciates each and every one of you!

Take Care,

Salty, Mrs. Salty, Salty Panther, and Salty Floof

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