Memphis Burns Over Identity Politics

Memphis Burns Over Identity Politics


Hey everybody! What’s going on? Well, let’s take a look at some of the result of identity politics in our society today. Here we have a young man shot, murdered if you will, by US Marshals in Memphis and according to the rhetoric and the logic coming from the left, coming from Hollywood actors, sports elites and, of course, every single democratic presidential candidate we all know, that cops are bad.

Cops are systematically hunting black men in this country and, therefore, this dude must have been in the right. This poor dude is just another victim of the systemic racism in the society. Let’s just make sure that this is all correct. Let’s head to some mainstream media news outlets. Let’s go to the New York Post and get some specifics.

“Dozens of police officers injured in Memphis riots over fatal shooting. At least two dozen police officers and two journalists were injured in violent riots that broke out in Memphis overnight. The city’s mayor said Thursday “six officers were taken to the hospital”. Mayor Jim Strickland said in a statement “the injuries came amid clashes between police and protesters sparked by a fatal shooting in North Memphis on Wednesday night”. Interesting how all of those protesters seem to turn into rioters. I can’t imagine how that happened. Must have been something in the water guys.

“U.S. marshals shot the man, whose identity wasn’t immediately released, while trying to arrest him on a warrant around 7:00 p.m.” According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation “a crowd of about 300 people descended on the city streets soon after peacefully protesting while throwing rocks and spitting at police. The mayor said “police decked out in peaceful protesting riot gear responded by spraying tear gas”.

Well, thanks New York Post, that clears everything up. I guess this is just another instance of an innocent black man being systematically murdered by a criminal justice system perpetrating off of 2,000 years of inherent slavery in the system. I’m guessing that all those people running down to Memphis and burning the place down and attacking the cops are totally justified because the just bashin’ the fasc. Oh wait, what’s this? Thug shoots someone five times over car, steals car, goes on Facebook bragging about how cops aren’t going to do shit about it, US Marshals get a federal warrant, he rams their car, pulls a gun, and gets shot and killed. Well how was it any of that possibly left outside of that New York Post article? I don’t understand. It’s almost like some sort of agendas being foisted upon me by this mainstream media.

Hey Pete, holy balls man, look how crazy this is! They just conveniently leave all of that out of the news media. Huh. And while you’re here right, you’ve already spent two and a half minutes with me. Just hang in there for another 30 seconds. Here’s a clip of this dude live streaming before this entire situation goes down. He’s driving around, he’s making his drug runs openly on Facebook, right? Tell me, honestly, have we lost a productive member of society, and, by the way, bonus points if you can understand a single goddamn word this dude said. Is this in English? “Trial he’s been listening it up he ain’t gonna eat food am I taking my advice on a lot of shit when you kind of did open a lot of new people he’s gonna listen to him we got to see who said that they say who’s the girl Capri said they say we was to go girl he said yeah no I told him don’t y’all nigga let me keep shaving go get my coochie no one’s taking my mom make it play you know I’m trying to see what the gang it were you a demon you couldn’t do it could you” There’s no way you could understand anything that this dude is saying.

But anyway here’s a funny situation, right? Somebody posted this on the Donald over on Reddit and, over the course of a few hours, this post really blew up and pissed a lot of people off and so take a look at this post from one of the mods where he’s explaining some of the content criteria, if you will, for people trying to get this post removed. Six people were saying it was rude, it was vulgar, it was offensive. Imagine that– it’s offensive to point out that this young thug shot a man five times. Thank God at least last time I heard the guy was still alive. But if you’re not familiar with the story essentially what happened was this kid saw an ad for a car, he went down to this guy’s place, wanted to test-drive it, got the guy out into the middle of nowhere, told the guy to get out of the car so he could see what it could do, and then he just drove off with the guy’s car. But apparently stealing the dude’s car wasn’t good enough and so he turns around and he shoots the guy five times. He then goes on Facebook, brags about what he did, and apparently if you point this out on Reddit, it’s considered rude vulgar or offensive. You got three people saying it was threatening, harassing, or inciting violence. And then you’ve got a handful of people who are trying to say that this is racist and, don’t get me wrong, this is racist but not racist in the direction that lefties think it’s going in. This left media won’t tell you what’s going on because the individual perpetrating this carjacking and this attempted murder is black you’re not allowed to point that out and, call me crazy, but I think taking a group of people and say “Listen, we don’t have to hold these individuals responsible for their actions because of the color of their skin”. I don’t know, that just kind of comes off a little racist to me.

But, anyway, check that out. All of these people on Reddit want this post taken down because it bursts some sort of narrative that the only people that are being shot and murdered by police are innocent black men, but clearly you have a situation here where this dude totally deserve to be shot and killed. but of course saying that out loud I guess makes me a bit of a racist.

So there you have it guys, identity politics making this world more dangerous everyday. Thanks so much for checking out the video coming to the channel. Make sure you come back real soon. We’ll have some more content covering this ongoing culture war. Alright, take care. Bye.



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