YouTube Plan

YouTube Plan

Hello Salty Army,

We are going to slowly start our transition off of YouTube. Our goal is to livestream on YT while simulcasting to Odysee, Dlive, and Pilled.net/Foxhole for the first part of the stream and then turn off YT and stay on the other streaming platforms for the remainder of the stream. For videos, we will continue to post on YouTube, but the majority of our content will be OdyseeBitchute, and Rumble
Please be patient with us as we figure out our new plan for livestreaming. We had hoped to avoid Dlive, but it will be our emergency back up. Also, livestreaming is new for Odysee and they’re in beta mode still. We’ll be there doing our livestreams at our regular times (Sun, Wed, and Fri at 5:30pm Pacific time). 

Take Care,
Mrs. Salty