The Moderators

The Moderators

The Salty Army would not be complete without our amazing team of moderators!

Wonderland is a nerdy wahmenz and former lefty who escaped from the commie-infested lands of California. She found refuge in Texas where she hunts wild boar and laughs at this increasingly hellish clown world. She loves beer, history, weaponized autism, reponsible hunting, sustainable living, firearms, lulz, and free helicopter rides. To fund her ammo collection and superchats, she works in IT. In her free time, she enjoys watching Salty Cracker, browsing forums, and planning a sustainable farm.

@marblessunny on Twitter
wonderland#9021 on Discord
wonderland on YouTube

Jason is a natural born meat-eating, gun loving Texan. He currently works in the tech field as a programmer and engineer. He aspires to become a veterinarian and run a non-profit dog sanctuary. In his free time he watches Salty Cracker videos, plays video games, programs, and plays with his two dogs.
@jcolyer2007 on Twitter
The Price Is Right Review is a Constitutional Conservative unapologetically thus he will have no issue speaking his honesty on unpopular topics, sometimes being blunt when it’s needed. This being said, he’s not a sheep republican either where he’ll follow anyone who wears the elephant banner, meaning when his party or President screws up he will hold them accountable as well if not twice as hard. He’s also a proud 3 percenter, a proud follower of Jesus Christ, and an Army veteran, so his first loyalty lies with God and the Constitution first before any political party or politician.

Jim is one of the most intellectual of the gorilla species to date. Born in the wilds of a bustling jungle, Jim was truly one of a kind amongst the other gorillas and this was noticed at a young age. He’s not only knowledgeable and experienced in information technology as a main trade; but other categories such as firearms/gunsmithing, wilderness survival, automotive, construction, demolition, digital security, and private armed security. Jim saw most of his action during his glory days as former 911 central communications operator working directly with the jungle police chief of a larger metropolitan jungle area, and was then later recruited to a private military contractor where he was working alongside military personnel in the wild. This allowed Jim to see parts of the world and meet new people, while sometimes exchanging gun fire with his new “friends”. It was during this time abroad that Jim had met and made life long friends with the direct descendant of another well known battle animal Wotjek. Having advanced and honed his skills in digital communications once his glory days had come to an end, he managed to earn degrees in the technology field of network security and network administration where he has comfortably found his place allowing him to fling poo from a sitting position. A known political agitator banned from Facebook for flinging too much poo and offensive memes, Jim is the nicest asshole/gorilla you’ll ever meet if you know him away from keyboard and earn his trust. With a reputation for being a fearless protector of his troop and allies, Jim is always ready to dive head first into battle beating his chest and howling to hell all the way.