Shout Outs

Shout Outs

We are grateful for all of the support we get, so we would like give it right back with a shout out to these members of the Salty Army!

Steve Miller: A woodworking genius who enjoys a good beer

MisanthropikOne: An awesome YouTuber who tells it like it is

Meme The Left: A badass Australian who yells about American politics

Let’s Be Frank: A guy with a message like Salty’s but with a cleaner mouth

America Floats!: A patriotic American who landsurfs over leftist shills

Tiberius Maximus: Ridiculing politics and PC culture through animation

No Silence: Salty Army supporters who are also fairly skilled musicians

Michael Hensley: A generous dude with a kickass Dlive music channel

Flip City Magazine: An edgy and vulgar satire magazine. RREEE!

Wookie Supremacy: This content is intended for adult Wookiees.

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