Salty User Guide

Salty User Guide

Here is a quick reference guide to all the resources and terms that the Salty Cracker videos and Live Streams use.


Salty Cracker is a digital platform where people who love America can discuss important issues to improve our country and watch videos and Live Streams about the current political culture. Warts and all, we celebrate America and it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. We strive to make forward progress every day.

About Mr. Salty and Mrs. Salty

-Mr. Salty does most of the talking and is the face of this digital platform.

-Mr. Salty was a special education teacher in classrooms for about a decade, and now teaches special education children one on one.

-When Mr. Salty isn’t creating content for his YouTube channels, he can be found playing insert video game title on his PS4, learning the guitar, making killer pizzas, occasionally going to the gym, or walking around the neighborhood with Mrs. Salty.

-Mrs. Salty is now the behind-the-scenes powerhouse behind Mr. Salty. The rest of her time is spent spoiling her cats, baking, reading, or walking around the neighborhood with Mr. Salty.

Mailing List

Get periodic news and updates about the Salty Cracker website. Once you register for the mailing list, make sure the first welcome email does not get stuck in the SPAM folder.

Useful URL Links

Main website for Mr. Salty Cracker

Good references for current events that Mr. Salty reviews often during Live Streams.

Broadcast Schedule

Note: Before you can use OdyseeBitChute, and YouTube, please register for free with all the services

Live Streams on YouTube 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time PST on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

YouTube Segments – many times a day during the week, average length is 7-10 minutes long

Social Media

Note: Before you can use these social media services, please register for free with them first




Mrs. Salty’s Back-Up YouTube Channel



Community-Run Telegram News Feed

Community Run Telegram Chat




In case of tech censorship that takes down any of the social media platforms that Mr. Salty uses, the following is the backup emergency plan:

– For Live Streams – TBD
– For videos – switch to OdyseeBitChute , or Rumble
– For Internet chat – switch to Gab or Parler

Financial Support

Support Salty


Salty Merchandise

Contacting Mr. Salty

You can contact Salty through:


Salty Cracker Glossary – Common Terms

Salty – Being salty is when you are upset over something, complaining, or being like a salty sailor

Salty Cracker – Complaining while being a white person

Video: How the Mr. Salty Cracker YouTube channel got started

Soy – a veggie product substitute for steak

Soy Boi – an immature man / boy that lives in his Mothers basement, eats twinkies, plays video games all day, and is a REAL brave keyboard warrior (sarcasm). AKA sheeple.

Cuck – a submissive and non-virile man / boy

Soy Cuck – weighs less than a 100 pounds, eats a consistent diet of hot pockets and smores, leeches off their parents, and has the wisdom of a cricket and the depth of knowledge about ankle deep. See also Soy Boi.

Whamen – the female version of a Soy Boi

Kung flu – AKA the Chinese Corona COVID 19 virus

Wu flu – see kung flu

Lamentations – futile verbal cries and complaints. This is a line from the movie Conan the Barbarian: “What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!”

LOLZ – a large number of laughs Laughing Out Loud

NPC – A non-player character video gaming reference. An NPC is seemingly a human that is unable to think objectively.

Clown world – The chaos in the world caused by people that are driven by emotions and not logic

Normies – normal people

Ear / Brain AIDS – A picture or sound that makes you flinch and grind your teeth or bite your tongue

Potato head – less than a box of rocks and NO, math and logic are not racist

Red pilled – Has become a popular phrase among the computer and political cultures and signifies a free-thinking attitude, and a waking up from a “normal” life of sloth and ignorance. Red pills prefer the truth, no matter how gritty and painful it may be. It is a movie reference to the film The Matrix, in which Neo takes a red pill to learn the ugly truth about his existence.

Galaxy brains – A supposed genius

CoolAid colored hair – rainbow of colors in the hair

POC – Person of color i.e. non-white

Base person – A well adjusted person that is grounded in facts

Salty Army – A group of fans of the Salty Cracker content and videos, who share their love of these ideas with others, and do a lot of deep personal introspection of their values and goals in life

The salt must flow – Mr. Salty motto

Salty Panther and Salty Floof – two cats that were rescued by Mr. and Mrs. Salty.

ReeEEEEEEEee – An animalistic sound of pain

Have you ever hear a pig when it is in pain? Imagine that sound coming out of a soy cuck. The Internet has come to use this sound as the sound that soy cucks and super autists make when their emotions overwhelm their brain and instead of expressing what they want to, they just make a squealing sound.

This is a ReeEEEEEEEee sound:

The Last Mile
The last mile refers to the short geographical distance that must be spanned to provide telecommunications or computer network services to end-user customers.

The last mile is typically the most complex, expensive, and most critical phase to get to the finish line.

Getting to November with our rational minds and courage intact will be extremely challenging.

Fear and confusion will be the tools used against patriotic Americans to distract and obscure our focus, but we must overcome these obstacles.

Vote in person, and God bless America!

(Created By Dusty Roads, August 2020)