Hello Salty Army! You can contact Salty or Mrs. Salty through Twitter or at [email protected].

And just as a heads-up:

  1. Salty is super busy and not the most social person in the world, so you’ll pretty much be communicating with Mrs. Salty. Don’t take it personally though. It’s him, not you
  2. Salty’s tip box is getting quite full, so if you send a tip, please don’t be offended if he doesn’t make a video about it. You also may not get a formal response, but it will be put into the tip box.
  3. We will not download any attachments or open any links. If it’s a tip, you can tell us what to search for.

You can contact Salty at this address. If you do send something, it must fit into a small 3 x 5.5 inch PO Box.

Salty Cracker

P.O. Box 7152

Fremont, CA 94537

And of course you can always check out Salty’s videos on YouTube!

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